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Ghost Hippies Elite is a community focused on bringing together PC gaming-enthusiast who enjoy playing video games. We are looking for casual and competitive gamers who want a fun and challenging gaming experience.


We are a community, not a clan, driven on giving our community members an online space to socialize, exchange knowledgebases of gaming, PC building, and pretty much everything else. Our community is comprised of over 150 men and women from North America.


We are exclusively a cheat and hack-free community for mature, responsible, and honest gamers. We are looking for players who respect their peers and positively represent our community on the internet.

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Background and Ideology

"Clans Come and Go But Ghosts Never Die!"

Ghost Hippies Elite is an online gaming community comprised of PC-enthusiasts who enjoy playing video games. We were founded in 2013 as a small contingent of PC gamers who were looking for like-minded mature, honest, and responsible players. Our community grew quickly and encompassed members from all over the United States and Canada. Our community is comprised of a diverse group of men and women of varying ages, backgrounds, and skill-sets.

In 2015, Ghost Hippies Elite joined the ‘Clan Wars’ tournament hosted by Beachhead Studio for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Our community not only captured the top-ranked position in North America, but also defeated the top-ranked European clan in the finale of Clan Wars. The Clan Wars tournament added an extra layer of camaraderie, entertainment and intensity that complemented our style of play.

Ghost Hippies Elite is not a clan. We are instead a community of gamers who are looking for fun and competitive challenges. We are not governed by strict policies, obligatory dues, or a hierarchy. We only ask members to be respectful to one another and positively represent us online. While we strongly encourage all members to attend events and scrimmages, we understand that everyone has a personal life, and that gaming might not always be their top priority. Our community exists for PC enthusiasts to meet up online, play games, make new friends, and have fun. We do what we can to bring out the best in each other and to lend our combined knowledge and abilities as players toward a common cause.

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