Battlefield 1 optimization guide

Hello everyone!
There's a lot of guides out there to fully optimize battlefield 1 to run smoothly on your current PC,we will go through these steps one by one and hopefully you will find a couple options here to help improve your game play over all.

Graphic Card Drivers
 The most common problem with fps drops is out of date drivers, remnant files from older drivers or installing new beta drivers.If you currently updated your drivers but the game isn't running as well as before an easy fix is uninstalling the driver and manually installing the most recent stable driver.
  Before we move on lets go through how to properly uninstall a video card driver, we all know temporary files can start to slow a computer down if left untreated. The same goes for remnant video card files from past uninstalls and re installs. The best way to uninstall a driver and remove any trace of remnant files is to uninstall with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) Click here to download the most up to date DDU. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the list of downloads available.

When using DDU this will boot your pc into safe mode and will remove any remnants of past/current drivers and then it will install the most recent released driver for you.

Disabling Windows Tasks
 With windows 7,8 and 10 some really annoying bandwidth sucking programs are running without you knowing, to disable these from the services do the following.

¤ Hold the windows key and press R this will bring up the run dialog box.
¤ Type (services.msc) then press ENTER.
¤ In the list locate SUPERFETCH.
¤ Right click on superfetch and go to properties.
¤ Where it says start up type, select STOP.

¤Nvidia Options
 Here's a video I found that may help you with the Nvidia Control Panel Settings.

Thank you for reading and I hope this improves your battlefield 1 experience!
I will update this section as the game goes on.