Battlefield 1 Server

Another gaming year is quickly approaching. As you have read in on our Steam page, the Ghost Hippies Elite community is seriously looking into Battlefield 1 and also renting our own BF1 server.

As far as we can tell right now a server costs roughly $1.80 per slot, per month. For those who are interested in coming over to BF1, your contribution to the server would be around $3.60-$4.00 per month....this includes your slot and a slot for a random player.

We have plans to rent slots to those outside the GH community in order to offset the costs of the server. We hope this in turn lowers the "GH members" costs. When the BF1 community sees the GH SERVER is clean and hack free, this will get people coming back time and time again. This is what will make the GH SERVER very popular.

In getting our own server, you would be automatically guaranteed a slot, we will actively ban suspected cheaters and keep it fun for all.

As always, we will not bar individuals who don't donate from joining the GH SERVER, but please remember that it costs a lot to keep it running.