Protect Your Steam Account!

All the members of our gaming community use Steam to manage and play video games. We strongly recommend all Steam users to secure their accounts using Steam Guard or Steam’s Mobile Authenticator for two-step verification. Unfortunately, hackers might be able to obtain your login-credentials, regardless of the complexity of your password.

Two-factor authentication requires you to input some additional information into Steam whenever you login. The first method, Steam Guard, will alert you whenever someone tries to access your Steam account from a new computer or browser. Steam will send a message to the E-mail address associated with your PC containing a small code, which will be required to log into that new workstation.

The Steam Guard Mobile authenticator works in a similar fashion, but runs on your smart-phone. The application will sync to your Steam account and generate a code every few seconds. Whenever you login into Steam, you will be prompted to enter the code displayed on your mobile phone.

There are plenty of horror stories of Steam users who have had their accounts hacked, their inventory cleaned out, friend’s list deleted, and VAC banned for actions they did not commit. Steam Support will help you get your account back, but they will be reluctant to revert these malicious changes.  Protect yourself at all times!

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